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HeartSciences’ MyoVista® Wavelet ECG (wavECG™) Device is breakthrough technology in electrocardiography designed to assist in the early detection of heart disease*. MyoVista wavECG Technology is focused on closing the diagnostic gap related to identifying patients having an elevated risk of a cardiac adverse event. Patented signal processing methods using wavelet mathematics provide new information related to energy in the acquired ECG signal.

Proprietary informatics characterize energy related information and metrics, providing new data that is used in  assisting in the detection of repolarization abnormalities (T-wave abnormalities).

*MyoVista® Wavelet ECG provides clinically-relevant reproducible and quantitative data intended to be used to support qualified cardiologist and other licensed healthcare professionals for clinical decision-making. It is a support tool that provides relevant clinical data as a resource to the clinician and is not intended to be a source of medical advice or to determine or recommend a course of action or treatment for a patient.